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Great Lakes Den
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The Great Lakes Den is a community e-newspaper covering the bear, leather and fetish communities of the Midwest. The mission of the Den is to serve as a forum and voice for these communities at the local level and to inform the community of events of interest in the Midwest Region. It is based in Chicago.


The Den started in 2001 as The Midwest Ursine, a e-magazine covering the bear community of the Midwest. As time went on, it started to include more news on the gay leather community and became the Great Lakes Den by 2003. It changed its name to the Chicago Den in 2006 and expanded to include the pansexual fetish community as well.

In 2009, because of financial issues, the Den went on hiatus. It returned to publishing in 2011 and has reaffirmed its commitment to serve the bear and fetish communities of Chicago and the Midwest.

In its history, it has covered a range of events and issues. It uses text, photos and video. Events covered include Great Lakes Leather Weekend, Cleveland Leather Awareness Weekend, Mr. Chicago Leather, Illinois Leather Alliance, Mr. International Rubber and International Mr. Leather.

In March 2016, the Den started a sister site called The Illinois Eagle, with a focus on covering the bear and leather in Illinois.


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