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George Wong
George Wong

George Wong was a Los Angeles based leather community leader, producer and philanthropist. He died on June 6, 2011.

Wong served as Public Relations Officer of Avatar Club Los Angeles since joining the club in 1995. A staple of the Los Angeles leather community, Wong judged numerous leather contests on the local and national level for several years, including IML 2004, and continued to work at IML as a contestant handler. As an educator, he presented various leather and fetish topics to numerous leather organizations and college level classes.

Wong produced the Mr. LA Leather 2007 and 2008 contest weekends. He was a four-time recipient of Avatar’s service award, received Pantheon’s Western Regional Award and earned Southland Honors “Person of the Year” for his dedicated community service. The award has since been named after Wong and is bestowed annually.

Wong was a U.S. National Volleyball Champion, European Champion silver medalist, and Gay Games gold medalist in volleyball.