Frequently Asked Questions

I just created an entry. Why doesn’t it show up in the indexes right away?

Leatherpedia administrators review new entries on a daily basis for categorization and cataloguing, so it may take up to one day for your entry appear. Rest assured, your entry is still instantly available on the master Encyclopedia Index and in the search function.

My entry was edited or deleted. How come?

Leatherpedia administrators are constantly reviewing entries for accuracy and compliance with the policies outlined in our Contributor Guide. In some cases, edits may be small, such as formatting changes or fixing typos. Sometimes images or videos will be added to enrich an entry. In a small number of cases, an entry may be deleted if it does not meet the project’s notability standards, or if it violates our Terms of Use.

How will I know if someone edits my entry?

You will receive a message via email if an entry you’ve written is edited by another user.

I prefer to stay anonymous. What if I don’t want an entry written about me?

While Leatherpedia cannot proactively prevent the addition of an entry to the project, we do work to accommodate requests for those members of the community who wish to remain anonymous. If an entry has been written about you and you would like it taken down, please contact us.

Do I need to know HTML code to be able to contribute?

Knowledge of HTML code is not required for contribution to Leatherpedia. However, it is helpful in order to take advantage of the full set of features on the site, such as adding images and videos. In many cases, coding protocols can be observed by looking at the HTML code behind other entries. In many cases, if a user is not well versed in HTML code and writes a text-only entry, an administrator or more sophisticated community-member will proactively add media elements such as images.

How should I format my entry?

Please view our Contributor Guide for protocols surrounding formatting of entries.

I’m having technical difficulties. Who should I contact?

Please contact us here to report any bugs or technical difficulties.

What happens to the ad revenue from the site?

Leatherpedia is a non-profit organization. Ad revenue is either reinvested into site operations, or given to community partners such as the Leather Archives & Museum.