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Franco Americano
Franco Americano

Franco Americano is a Los Angeles-based titleholder and is the former Communications Officer of the Los Angeles Band of Brothers.

Early Life and Education

Americano was born on May 23 in Colorado. He is one of five childeren of Eraj Javid (Persian born) and Emily Americano (Canadian-Italian).  The Javid family lived in the Colorado Rockies during the child rearing days.  At the age of 20, he married his childhood sweetheart, and moved to Northern California to pursue the young marrieds college education.

Americano earned his Bachelor degree in Elementary Education with teaching credentials from San Francisco State University. Teaching 2nd grade at the Oakland elementary school for one year, Americano followed his dream to be an artist-painter in Europe.  This passion would find him living in Barcelona, London, New York and most recently Paris, France.

Americano moved to Los Angeles in May, 2014 to be closer to his family and continue his career as a Painter.

In The Leather Community

In the leather scene since his late 20s in San Francisco, attending International Mr. Leather and the leather scene were vital influences of coming out as young gay man.  Los Angeles is when he finally was inspired to compete in a leather competition.

2015, Americano won 2nd runner up in the feeder competition Ashram West Leather. Shortly after, he competed with two other contestants for the Mr. Oil Can Harry’s title and won 1st place. One month later he competed with nine other Los Angeles titleholders for the 2015 Mr. Los Angeles Leather title. He continued his involvement as Communications Officer with the Los Angeles Band of Brothers.