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Fort Troff is an online gay fetish retailer known for carrying top-quality slings, sex toys, and kinky gear. The store carries a selection of handpicked items from leading manufacturers in addition to its signature creations.

Fort Troff started as a male-only sex party and kinky play space in Atlanta, Ga. The party grew in notoriety, drawing men from across the United States until 2009, when Peter LaBarbera, antigay activist and president of the antigay hate group Americans for Truth about Homosexuality, caught wind of Fort Troff’s FT Maneuvers sex party, which was scheduled to happen on the inaguration weekend of President Barack Obama at a hotel in Washington, D.C.

Antigay religious extremist groups had a field day with the news, which got ample media attention among right-wing blogs and media outlets. After repeated calls and threats to the hotel, the party was cancelled.

Following that, Fort Troff shifted focus entirely on its online store. The Atlanta-based sex parties resumed in 2016.

Fort Troff has grown rapidly in recent years. The brand ships globally and has expanded their signature line to include a variety of premium prostate toys, butt plugs, dongs, and e-stim gear.

The company’s porn-based marketing allows visitors and curious kinksters to see Fort Troff’s products being put to use. The brand’s product standards are matched by its praiseworthy customer service. When you call or email the Fort, you speak directly with the team that designs, tests, and shoots all FT products. These are folks in the scene, who are kinky and committed to Fort Troff’s customers.

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