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Eagle LA.
Eagle LA
Leather Bar

Eagle LA is a leather bar in the Silver Lake neighborhood of Los Angeles. Its location on Santa Monica Blvd has been home to many gay bars over the years, dating back 44 years. It was known as the Shed from 1968-1972, the Outcast from 1972-1983, the famous Gauntlet II from 1983-2005, then Eagle LA beginning in 2006.

Gauntlet II was in operation for 21 years. In the summer of 2005, Charlie Matula and business partner Vince Quattrocchi purchased the bar with the intention of making a name change. In April 2006, Eagle LA was opened.

Originally there was an Eagle LA in West Hollywood at the corner of Santa Monica Blvd. and Fairfax. It operated for 15 years and closed in 1995. While that bar is of no relation to the current Eagle LA, it is part of a long line of unaffiliated Eagle bars in cities throughout the US and around the world. It has always been their mission to uphold the leather/uniform/fetish traditions set forth by the infamous Eagle name.

Eagle LA is home to the Eagle LA Mr. Leather title, which hosts the annual Mr. Los Angeles Leather contest. Eagle LA holds three Mr. Los Angeles Leather victories (Eric Paul Leue, Patrick Smith, Jeff Wilcox) and one International Mr. Leather victory (Patrick Smith).

Today, Eagle LA remains one of the premier leather / levi bars in Los Angeles, focused on being a meeting place for like-minded leathermen to bond and interact. It is also committed to hosting community and fundraising events.