Douglas OKeeffe [Edit]

Douglas OKeeffe is a titleholder, producer, and host in the leather community. He is the host and a co-producer of the Leather Archives and Museum’s Inside Leather History, A Fireside Chat Program. Created in Chicago in 2008, the Fireside Chats are an interview series, presented both live-on-stage, or in private, designed to capture for posterity the rich, dynamic, and amazing stories of primarily leather but also LGBTQ personalities.  The Chats have included Mr. Marcus Hernandez, Chuck Renslow, Guy Baldwin, Mama Sandy Reinhardt, Martijn Bakker, and Mary Elizabeth Boyd, among others.  The Chats have appeared at many Leather events in the United States, Canada, The Netherlands, England, Ireland, and Belgium as of 2017.  Douglas OKeeffe co-produces the chats with Joanne Gaddy and Vonn Tramel.

Douglas OKeeffe is the 2004 Cell Block, Shel-Don Chicago Leatherman, a top 20 IML 26 finalist, Mama’s Phenomenal Man and Air Mattress, an International Mr. Leather contestant handler, a writer, educator, and long time community volunteer.