Catherine Robbe-Grillet, née Rstakian, pseudonyms Jean de Berg and Jeanne de Berg [Edit]

Catherine Robbe-Grillet, née Rstakian; born 24 September 1930) is a French writer and dominatrix who has published sadomasochistic writings under the pseudonyms Jean de Berg and Jeanne de Berg.

Notable Writing

L’Image, a sadomasochistic novel written by her and published in 1956 by éditions de Minuit, was written under the pseudonym Jean de Berg. Radley Metzger made the novel into a 1975 film, The Image, also known as The Punishment of Anne.

Documentary Appearances

She was featured in Maya Gallus’s 1997 documentary film Erotica: A Journey Into Female Sexuality. In 2014, she was the subject of a documentary film entitled The Ceremony, which examines her life as a dominatrix and member of the BDSM community.