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Present Day

Boundless is a registered 501c3 charity dedicated to educating on topics of human sexuality, BDSM, and kink. We provide events and opportunities for self discovery and personal growth within the realm of Kink and Sexuality in order to build community and interpersonal connections. Our educational classes and social events provide individuals the opportunities for self-discovery and personal growth within the realm of Kink, in order to help them find and build community, and strengthen their own interpersonal connections.

Our vision is to create and nurture a diverse, inclusive, and safe community where people are free to express loveintimacy, and connection through Kink focused relationships. While our events are things we produce, everything that we do is really in service to, and about, the Boundless Community.

In everything we do, we value Education • Inclusion • Diversity • Consent • Equity • Sex Positivity • Discovery • Service • Integrity • Responsibility • Agency.



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