Bootblacking [Edit]

Bootblacking is the practice of caring for boots, shoes, and other leather apparel. While the term “bootblack” originates from the 1800s, in recent years the practice has experienced an increase in popularity in the Leather subculture. Bootblacks are commonly found in leather and leather-friendly bars, providing their services to the bars patrons. Bootblack contests are held regularly, offering bootblacks the opportunity not only to demonstrate their proficiency as a bootblack but also represent their identity in the Leather Community. Throughout the Leather Community, bootblacks are well-known for their fundraising efforts, often donating all of the money they make at an event to a charitable organization.

The International Community Bootblack contest is the most prestigious bootblack competition in the world. There is also an International Ms. Bootblack competition and an International Mr. Bootblack competition.

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