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Bootblack Toronto

First held in 2001, the Bootblack Toronto (BBT) title has grown to become one of the most prestigious bootblack titles in North America. The previous generation of the BBT title produced eleven bootblack titleholders, brought home three international titles, several fellowship and community awards, assisted in raising hundreds of thousands of dollars for charity and helped set the standard for excellence within the greater community.

As with the first generation, the Bootblack Toronto title continues to remain open to those members of the greater kink community twenty-one years of age and older, accessible to all genders and accessible to all sexual orientations. BBT continues to honour the tradition of promoting bootblack visibility, providing education opportunities, community fellowship and commitment to providing outstanding public service.

Building on this remarkable legacy, the next generation of the Bootblack Toronto title now continues forward as a non-affiliated, independent produced, self-sustaining title as part of the Greater Toronto Area’s leather and kink community and beyond.\

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