Barry Fiddick (Cosmo Jetson) [Edit]

Barry Fiddick
Barry Fiddick, aka Cosmo Jetson

Early Life and Education

Born in 1966, Barry Fiddick was raised by his loving mother with slightly older 2 siblings.  Being very poor and frequently being evicted, he never got to live in one place for long, to which he attributes his ability to quickly adapt to situations and make do with what he has.  He went on to acquire to associate degrees as well as being a Phi Theta Kappa honor society member, but his dyslexia kept him from trying to obtain a bachelors.

In the Leather Community

In June 1992, Barry found the leather scene in Houston and felt at home. While out at the Ripcord, he met Sir Titan. He went from not knowing anything about leather to being tied up and in his first BDSM experience in one night. He did not know this person, nor asked around about him but went directly from socializing at the bar to Sir Titan’s place and being tied up.  Thankfully, Sir Titan was a good guy!
Barry has been in 2 polyamorous relationships. He was a boy for a leather couple for almost 2 years and got a lot of flack from other boys who couldn’t find one Daddy of their own.  They told him to “quit hogging them!” The second poly relationship was being 1 of up to 5 boys and an extremely rewarding relationship with a family known as the Texas Leather Tribe.  In 2000, the alpha boy, patrick chees (aka nipper) found and brought out his inner pup, now known as Cosmo Jetson.

Community involvement has been a passion for him from being involved in putting on all but one of the International Puppy Contest/International Puppy & Trainer Contest/International Puppy & Trainer Conference (IPC/IPTC) events for its first ten years,  a judge for the Texas Leather Puppy Contest, a presenter on Polyamory for the boys Reunion – Dallas as well as presenting pup classes on numerous occasions for numerous events, fundraising, hosting a website for pups for 7 years, hosting mosh pits for pups at other events and mentoring one-on-one as well as with a mentoring program.

As a Title Holder

Barry Fiddick as a titleholder
As a titleholder.

At the Texas Conference of Clubs, Barry was honored with the title of Mr. Lone Star 2002-2004.  There were many contestants and he hadn’t planned on running for the title.  So, he decided to have fun with it.  Even after going out during the Jock/question portion of the contest on all 4’s and barking his response to the question, he still managed to win.  Not big on funds, he drove over 10,000 miles on his vehicle representing the title not only over Texas and neighboring states but also as far as Atlanta, Georgia.

While he ran, and lost, a run for South Central Leather boy, it is important to note that it was a pivotal moment.  This loss inspired and motivated him to focus much more on his love for the pup community.  This is when he dedicated the next seven years of his time to learning how to build a website and created and maintained as a resource for those into or interested in the pup community as well as initiating a local group with a monthly mosh pit.

Club Affiliations

The first club Barry joined was the Texas Riders-Houston.  He became one of the last of three members of the club that retired in 1998 on its 30th anniversary.  Soon after, he became a founding member of the Lone Star boys of Leather in Houston in 1999.  After moving to Dallas at the end of 2003, he became a founding member the DFW Leather boys in 2005.  He has associate memberships with the Atlanta Panther and Tri-State Wolf Pack – Ohio.  He is a proud member of Discipline Corps.

Personal Life

Since 2004, Barry is happily partnered in an open non-leather relationship with their two dogs. Known as “Cliff Dwellers”, he and his husband own a home just off downtown Dallas in a trendy area, North Oak Cliff. In his spare time, he enjoys working on home projects, as in sewing cushions for patio furniture, building two car garage or leveling the house.

(as of April 29, 2017)