Ayzad [Edit]


Ayzad (born 1969) is an Italian author and kink educator, publicly involved since 2004 in many educational initiatives including the first lecture on BDSM at an European Federation of Sexology Congress in 2008, university seminars about kink and erotic power exchange culture, and training for legal and health professionals. Among his works, he is the author of the 600-pages best-selling compendium BDSM – A Guide for Explorers of Extreme Eroticism, originally published in Italian in 2004 and whose Fifth Edition was translated into English in 2016. In 2018 he launched the Sexual Explorers Manifesto, an international initiative to divulge the principles of sex positivity. 

Censorship attempts

Ayzad is the only known kink educator to have been the subject of a Parliamentary enquiry aiming to ban him from speaking at state universities in 2009, allegedly due to the “offensive and agitating subject” of his lectures, “contrary to the deepest sense of common people […] and instigating a barely tolerable decadence of values”. The failed censorship attempt followed a similar, year-long smear campaign of academic research on BDSM that played on national news media after he and fellow researcher Dr. Alberto Caputo had been officially invited to lecture at the Milano Bicocca University, but political conservatives had managed to forcibly remove hundreds of students from the classroom minutes before the lesson and to cancel it. The incident is recorded in detail through the commented transcripts of the original Italian-language media here.