Australian Leatherman Contest [Edit]

Australian Leatherman Contest
Australian Leatherman Contest

The Australian Leatherman Contest is a leather contest that has been held annually in Australia since 2016.

International Mr. Leather Weekend 2016  in Chicago was the setting for the announcement of the new Australian Tradition:

Australian IML Alumni band together to launch a new, independent National Leather Contest series that is “the voice of the Country Leathermen and Bootblacks”.

The Inaugural Australian Leatherman & Mr. Bootblack Contests happened on February 24-26, 2016 in Sydney and just one week prior to Sydney Mardi Gras. Designed to be a Non-Profit feeder contest for the International Mr Leather and International Mr Bootblack Contest in Chicago, it strictly follows the format and ethos of IML and is the first truly national contest in decades.

Open to Leathermen and BootBlacks from all Australian States and Territories, it is an event not to be missed. For the IML Alumni in Australia, it is a chance to unite and redress concerns each have expressed over the years about the local scene.

Australian leatherman 2017 contest logo
Australian Leatherman 2017 contest logo

The voice of the country’s Leathermen and Bootblacks

The Rules are simple:
– Be proud of who you are
– Be part of your local community
– No petty politics of any kind.
– Represent your community
– Show your integrity.

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