Australian Leather Pride Flag [Edit]

The Australian Leather Pride Flag, a variant on the original leather pride flag design by Tony DeBlase, was created in September 1989 by Mr. Laurie Lane, four months after DeBlase presented his “proposed design idea” for the original leather pride flag on May 28, 1989, at International Mr. Leather.

The Australian variant includes the black-blue-white stripes as the field, the red heart in the canton, and the Southern Cross stars in the fly – the Southern Cross features on Australia’s flag. The Australian Leather Pride Flag was designed and manufactured by Mr. Laurie Lane (Laurie Lane Enterprises Melbourne) and premiered at the 1991 Mr. Drummer content in San Francisco by New Zealand-born Australian Clive Platman (Mr. Australia Drummer 1990 and Mr. Drummer 1991).

Cover of Drummer, n.146 (1991), featuring Mr. Australia Drummer 1990 Clive Platman with the Australian Leather Pride Flag. Courtesy of the Australian Queer Archives.