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Welcome to Leatherpedia – we’d love to work with you! Leatherpedia has state-of-the-art ad infrastructure, with content targeted at a passionate following with a high propensity to spend. Whether you’re just looking to run static banners, or would like a large-scale sponsorship or rich media solution, we can help tailor a media package based on your unique needs. Please browse placement opportunities below.

Site Sponsorship

Leatherpedia site sponsorship

Activate on our most powerful advertising opportunity with a site sponsorship: a 100% share-of-voice takeover of Leatherpedia. Includes all ad units on our site roadblocked with your brand message.

Sponsorship Ad Units
120×60 Sponsor Bug at Site Header
970×90 Leaderboard
300×600 Half Page
320×50 Mobile Banner

Pricing: $20 CPM

Run-of-Site Display Media

Put your brand into rotation on Leatherpedia. Display advertisements can be static, or animated as a GIF or HTML5 file.

Desktop Placements
728×90 Leaderboard – $6 CPM
970×66 Leaderboard – $7 CPM
970×90 Leaderboard – $7 CPM
970×250 Superheader – $9 CPM
970×66 > 970×415 Rich Media Pushdown – $11 CPM
300×250 Desktop Medium Rectangle – $6 CPM
300×600 Half Page – $9 CPM

Mobile Placements
320×50 Mobile Leaderboard – $7 CPM
300×250 Inline Medium Rectangle – $7 CPM

Online Video with Teads

Teads Online Video Ads

Our remnant inventory is filled programmatically with Teads online video placements. Teads is making online video advertising beautiful and brings top brands such as Sony/Crackle and The Home Depot to Leatherpedia.


To get in touch with Leatherpedia regarding advertising opportunities, please email