A Midnight Angel (Ms. Florida Leather N Fetish Pride 2017) [Edit]

A Midnight Angel is a title holder for the Ms Florida Leather N Fetish Pride2017 which is produced by Brenda Cothern. She is an educator, and very active in the Tampa Bay, FL leather and kink community and continues to travel by educating other local communities.

Early  Life & Education

 A Midnight Angel was born and raised out west and moved around quite a bit after she turned 18.  She has explored various places around the world and currently resides in the sunny state of Florida.

Currently A Midnight Angel has obtain an Associate’s degree in Graphic Arts and Design which includes multimedia, videography and 3D animation. She graduated from Keiser University with a 3.90 and then enrolled to obtain her Bachelor of Science in two areas the first being in Social Media and Communications and then Integrated Marketing and Business Management.

She then took a couple of months off where she returned for a Masters in Organizational Psychology and found that this was not was her calling, she then decided to look and search and settled on her Masters to be in Internet and International Marketing and Sales from Full Sail University and will complete her Master’s program in 2019.

A_Midnight_Angel discovered the BDSM lifestyle on the internet as she bumped into a chatroom and looked and began to do her own discovery with reading erotica, however after she became of legal age she stepped out into the bright world and has been living in the lifestyle since she was 18.  After a year of learning things she stepped out as a Domme and discovered that she needed to be on the learning end as a submissive and began her path as a submissive, after a few failed relationships she decided one last time to look, and with luck and through a mutual online acquaintance was told too end a message to an individual by the name of FLSlaveOwner, who is now her Master of 16 wonderful years Master Hirokata.

Around 2015 A Midnight Angel joined the Hard Pink Sisterhood when one of her sisters Ms. Piper Ellis who holds the title for Spring Fling Leather Fest 2016. Upon joining she became a sister and is the liaison for Florida by then President Bella Price, and continues to help empower woman in the lifestyle and outside the lifestyle and is there to support her fellow sisters in things they may need. Also in 2016 she has expressed her interest in becoming part of the Onyx Pearl SE Associate.

Conventions & Events

One of her first events she attended on her own was “FetishCon back then it was known as Bond Con out of Queens New York back on October 11, 2001.

In 2013 A Midnight Angel and her Master Hirokata and his slave aalyanna were asked to be one of the first poly-triads to run for the Florida Power Exchangetitle produced by The Daddy Michael and his girl amaia. Although they did not take the title, by running for this title, not only did they learn more about themselves than they had in the first 10 years of their dynamic, but it opened up doors for them to travel and present.   However, when they got their feedback from their judges they decided to take a second chance and run for the title a second time in 2014, showing the judges on how serious they were and came back to show them they were a force to be reckoned with, although they improved greatly in just one year and the judges were amazed they did not take the power exchange title but now continued to travel and present both nationally and Internationally.

In 2014 she was also presented her leather boots, from members of her local community as part of her service to the community and continues to wear them proudly.

In 2016 A Midnight Angel set on a path of her own journey, with the support of both her Master and his slave aalyanna and the local community, she decided to run under the fetish category of Safety for the Ms. Florida Leather and Fetish Pridetitle, with having only six weeks to prepare, she was able to run and take the title along her side was her title Hubby Baby pup bandit who also won the Mr. Florida Leather Fetish Pride under the fetish category for ABDL.

During her title year she traveled to 18 different events and out of those 18 she was able to educate and present at 13 of those events.  She returned to Florida Leather N Fetish Pride in Nov 2017 to Judge the next individuals for the title and also was pinned personally by Mama Sandy Reinhardtas Mamas Midnight Angel.

Some of the events that she has attended and or presented at are:


Black Rose

Kinky Kollege

Fetish Con



Florida Power Exchange

Mr. Code


Florida Kinky Camp Out

Spring Fling Leather Fest

Florida Leather N Fetish Pride

Florida Leather Sir/boy Bootblack

Kink & Shenanigans

Fetish Fantasy Fair

Florida Puppy Contest

Fall Fantasy Kink Fest

Florida Critters Romp

Beyond Leather

Kink Fest

Montreal Fetish Weekend

Dom Con Los Angeles

Dom Con Atlanta

Dom Con New Orleans

Club Kink

The Wet Spot

South East Leather Fest

Black & Blue Weekend

Vancouver Fetish Weekend

Critter Camp

Fetish Fair Flea Market

Tampa/St. Pete Pride

Salt Lake City Pride

West Coast Jungle Gym

Leather Masked Ball

Teddy Con

Kinky Con

Beat me in St. Louis


A Midnight angel continues to share her knowledge, she also has been a guest on GSH Radio  she and her poly-family was also featured in the Watermark Issue 21.25:The Leather Community,and also in 2016 did a podcast for living a positive sex life by John and Angelique Luna.

External Links

House of Sinergy:  Http://www.Houseofsinergy.com

Fetlife: https://fetlife.com/users/376150

Ms. Florida Leather & Fetish Pride 2017 –https://www.facebook.com/MsFloridaLeatherNFetishPride2017/

Florida Leather N Fetish Pride: http://floridaleathernfetishpride.com

Florida Power Exchange: http://www.floridapowerexchange.com

GSH Radio: http://gshradio.com

Watermark: http://www.Watermark.com