501 Eagle [Edit]

501 Eagle is a leather bar that served the midwest & Indianapolis, Indiana for 30 years.  Located on the corner of College Avenue & Michigan Avenue (501 College Avenue), the 501 was proud to be known as one of the midwest’s prominent Eagle bars in the United States.  It was founded by Terry Frames & Dick Johnson on April 2, 1986.  Eight years later, retired police officer Tom Vester & Margie Camden took over ownership.  501 Eagle in one of the first and only leather gay bar establishments in Indianapolis and home to the Indiana Falcons, a leather club of Indiana, Indiana Kink Society (a pansexual play kink club that emphasizes education), Indiana Leather Pride Contests (Indiana Leather Sir/boy, Ms. Indiana Leather Pride, Indiana Master/slave, Indiana Bootblack), Indiana Puppy Contest, and the Mr. 501 Eagle contest.

Throughout history, 501 Eagle has worked diligently to raise money for the Indiana AIDS walk, the Damien center, step Up and the Little Red Door Cancer Agency. They are the proud supporters of HIV education and prevention, and have partnered with Step Up to offer free HIV and STD testing in their establishment

On April 3, 2016, it celebrated its 30th Anniversary, hosted by the last Mr. 501 Eagle, Eric Masters (Mr. 501 Eagle 2016), and officially closed its doors on October 15,